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The Family Research Council's reaction to the Dallas judge's ruling on the gay marriage ban

The Family Research Council's reaction to the Dallas judge's ruling on the gay marriage ban

by Karen Ocamb on October 2, 2009

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council just released this whine about the judge’s ruling in Dallas:

The Big ‘D’ in Dallas: Divorce

A judge in the Dallas District Court system seems to have made a sudden career change. In the middle of a case on same-sex “divorce,” Judge Tena Callahan abandoned her job of upholding the law and immediately set to work rewriting it. Although Texas doesn’t recognize same-sex “marriage,” Judge Callahanbrushed aside the state’s constitution, which was amended to protect marriage in 2005. Thumbing her nose at 75% of Texas voters, she ruled that the ban on same-sex “marriage” violates the concept of equal protection under the law. Her decision paves the way for the couple to legally “divorce.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argued, as FRC has, that a state can’t dissolve a marriage that it never recognized. But unfortunately, anything is possible when courts are populated by judges who have nothing but contempt for the law. Cathy Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum, called the ruling an “overreach” and believes that homosexual activists have finally “found someone in Dallas to participate in their endeavor” to redefine marriage without the voter support. It’s part of a broader, backdoor strategy to challenge marriage laws across the country. The plan is this: if homosexuals can persuade the courts to recognize their relationships long enough to dissolve them, they’ve got a strong foothold in the race to create them.

Obviously the state will appeal Callahan’s decision. Among other leaders, Governor Rick Perry (R) denounced the ruling as “flawed,” saying that the people of Texas have already spoken on the issue. The bottom line is that this judge wants to change the law. And that’s a job for the legislature and the people — not the courts.

In Washington, D.C., the city council is prepared to do exactly that. Local councilman David Catania plans to introduce a bill next Tuesday that would make counterfeit marriage legal in the nation’s capital. If the proposal passes, as some suspect it will, Congress would have 30 days to stop the bill from becoming law. FRC continues to work with our good friend Bishop Harry Jackson, D.C. pastors, and Congress in blocking the measure. In preparation for this fight, House Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has already introduced a measure that would protect man-woman marriage in the District.

But it’ll take more than one member to kill the push for same-sex “marriage” in America’s capital. Rep. Jordan needs all the help he can get. Contact your members and ask them to stand with Rep. Jordan in stopping this dangerous bill. For more information on how you can stand for marriage in D.C., visit the coalition website.

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