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New York Republican State Sen. Greg Ball Wants to Hear From You on His Marriage Equality Vote

New York Republican State Sen. Greg Ball Wants to Hear From You on His Marriage Equality Vote

by Karen Ocamb on June 17, 2011

Remember that Republican State Senator Greg Ball who talked about gays and adoption? He is apparently now on the fence about how he will vote for marriage equality and wants to hear from you. The New York Senate is ONE vote shy of passage. The bill is expected to be taken up next week.

He Tweets – @ball4ny Greg Ball – “Opening up the discussion! So, if you were me, how would you vote on gay marriage? Yes or No?” Go here and let him know what you think: https://twitter.com/#!/ball4ny/status/81912792394899456

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Paul S. Bunten June 18, 2011 at 10:47 PM

I would vote “yes,” although I have
only recently made up my mind on this issue myself, and I’m a gay man who would
presumably benefit from your vote. I didn’t always think I would. I don’t feel
like a second-class citizen because I can’t marry the man I love. But now I
realize that it’s certain other people who believe I’m not a legitimate citizen
because I can’t marry, and that they use this belief to justify their
discrimination and even violence against gay people. If gay people are
permitted to marry, eventually the negative beliefs about us will change, as beliefs
have eventually changed about other minorities whose recognition as full
citizens began with legislated rights. Senator Ball, I urge you to be a leader
on this issue, particularly to gay people like me who aren’t sure they want to
get married at all, but who may not yet understand that your vote will be about
a much larger issue than simply permitting more weddings in New York State.


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