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Love Honor Cherish Teams with NoH8 for Viral Marriage Campaign; Meet New LHC Field Director Tonight

Love Honor Cherish Teams with NoH8 for Viral Marriage Campaign; Meet New LHC Field Director Tonight

by Karen Ocamb on January 10, 2012

Love Honor Cherish has stepped up their campaign to repeal Prop 8. LHC’ s political action committee has until April 20 to gather 807,615 valid signatures in their attempt to qualify an initiative to repeal Prop 8 for the 2012 ballot. They have until May 14 to submit those signatures to the California Secretary of State.

LHC Interim Executive Director Eric Harrison is leading the effort. He is the group’s first paid employee – making $105,000 – the same amount he made as a development director at Equality California. Harrison has already re-vamped the group’s website and he recently brought on Tristain Blaine as Field Director. Blaine is a lawyer who worked with longtime California political tracker Allan Hoffenblum. Harrison says: “Tristan is a full time volunteer and unpaid. He has already hit the ground running, mobilizing our volunteer signature gathering effort with our coalition members and long-time volunteer supporters.”

Meet Blaine at LHC’s meeting Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 7:30 pm, 
National Council of Jewish Women
- (Room 103)
543 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90036 
(Parking is first come, first serve in the NCJW parking lot (enter off of Clinton & press button on box), or park on Fairfax (meters until 8 pm)

On Tuesday, Harrison announced a new collaboration between LHC Foundation with the nationally-recognized NoH8 campaign. The team plans to launch a viral public education campaign to encourage activists to talk marriage equality and how waiting for marriage equality has impacted their lives.

“NOH8 Campaign has been at the forefront of raising awareness for marriage equality and anti-discrimination through its interactive media campaign since the passing of Prop 8,” said NOH8 Campaign Founder Adam Bouska. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Love Honor Cherish Foundation on an innovative campaign for marriage equality.”

The launch and further details about the campaign will be announced at a benefit for LHC Foundation on Jan. 22 being thrown by San Francisco based nonprofit Reason to Party.  For tickets: www.reasontoparty.org/confession

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Ken January 11, 2012 at 6:02 PM

This referendum is dangerous. The enemy argues that gay marriage should not be legalized because every time it is put up to a vote, we lose. That argument is invalid, but it works with their supporters. If this referendum fails, it will hand them powerful ammunition that gay marriage was put to the general public twice and failed twice.

It’s easy to get marriage opponents out to the polls, because they believe their families, their marriages, and the survival of society is at stake. How do we motivate straight supporters, who have to take time off from work and stand in line at the polls, to vote for an abstract principle that they believe won’t affect them personally? The people who show up at the polls are going to be skewed against marriage.

The idea of putting human rights up to a vote is repulsive, whether it is to institute discrimination or to dismantle it. This referendum is risky and terrifying.


Sean January 12, 2012 at 1:03 AM

Ken, It IS distasteful to vote on rights, but that is a null argument. There is no current limitation on efforts to change the constitution and delete any or all equal rights that the LGBT (or any other community) is afforded. There is no way that we as individuals have to counteract this kind of effort other than educate, activate and win votes. The prop 8 trial is out of the hands of the average person.

You warned about losing another initiative, that’s another baseless argument. Another loss at the ballot will have little or no impact on the Supreme Court, and there are REALLY positive polls strongly indicating that in CA and other states (DC, ME, RI, OR, WA) a win will happen the next time it comes to the ballot (http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/29/the-future-of-same-sex-marriage-ballot-measures/)

The referendum is daunting but the only way you can fight for your rights


Ken January 12, 2012 at 6:29 PM

I hope you are right and that public opinion polls are a good predictor of the outcome of elections, but I’m skeptical. The election is decided by the people who show up at the polls. People who are against gay marriage are more motivated to vote than people who are for it, because the former believe it affects their families and the latter believe it does not affect them at all. It’s stacked against us, because self-interest is a better motivator than altruism. That’s why charities emphasize that contributions are deductible, why charitable events have sweepstakes and door prizes, and why the Girl Scouts sell cookies instead of asking for donations.

The polls don’t show a wide enough gap to guarantee that there will be enough supporters going the polls to compensate for the supporters who sit it out. It’s clear that a defeat would not affect the courts, but it would give NOM and others ammunition to convince legislators to vote against legislation pending in other states.

I hope you are wrong. I hope the referendum wins. It’s very risky. I hope they have a contingency plan for turning defeat to an advantage. In the mean time, it’s not the only way to fight for our rights. We are doing it in the courts and in state legislatures, which are more appropriate venues.


Ken January 12, 2012 at 6:30 PM

I meant, I hope you are RIGHT.


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