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Huntsman Drops Out, Maddow Asks How Antigay Does the GOP Want to Be?

Huntsman Drops Out, Maddow Asks How Antigay Does the GOP Want to Be?

by Karen Ocamb on January 16, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman (Screen capture from Fox debate)

Jon Huntsman finally dropped out of the Republican presidential contest on Monday, Jan. 16,  and endorsed Mitt Romney.  New National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Jerame Davis nailed the reason Huntsman was unlikely to succeed with the far right wing base:

Jon Huntsman was far too reasonable and thoughtful for the GOP base, but his worst transgression was having served as President Obama’s Ambassador to China. The last gasp of bipartisanship has escaped the lips of the Republican Party today. His exit signals the final retreat of reason from the Republican presidential nomination contest.

Though expected, his tepid and tenuous endorsement of Mitt Romney was underscored by Romney’s decision not to bother showing up to receive it. It seems Romney treats his electoral endorsers about as well as he treated the companies he demolished at Bain.

Additionally, the conservative Washington Times reported that the 150 evangelical leaders’ “unity” vote over the weekend picking Santorum as their consensus candidate to stop Romney – might have been rigged!

Last Friday Rachel Maddow looked at the GOP in the wake of the New Hampshire primary – that state’s Republican leadership is trying to not only repeal marriage equality but trash civil unions – even though antigay icon Rick Santorum rated poorly in their primary. Rachel also looked at how the GOP’s antigay reputation might cost their star politicos in the future and provide ultimate flip-flop evidence against Romney – citing BuzzFeed’s fun with Romney’s old pro-gay campaign accouterment.

So, Maddow asks Republicans – just how antigay do you want to be?


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