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Rachel Deconstructs Lastest Whine from Antigay Frank VanderSloot

Rachel Deconstructs Lastest Whine from Antigay Frank VanderSloot

by Karen Ocamb on May 16, 2012

Rachel Maddow did an excellent job deconstructing the new cry of “victimization” from the Religious Right. This time it’s longtime antigay Frank VanderSloot, national finance co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Lat April, The Advocate’s Andrew Harmon posted an important story about how Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, plaintiffs in the American Foundation for Equal Rights federal lawsuit challenging Prop 8, “were subjected to more than a dozen antigay voice mails during the 2010 trial from a man who was later convicted of making threatening telephone calls to Nancy Pelosi.” That’s real victimization! The trial also exposed how cries of victimization are a common technique used by Prop 8 proponents and Religious Right conservatives when logic doesn’t work. Here – spoiler alert – Rachel points out that VanderSloot is using his whining over being on the Obama campaign’s list of top Romney donors as a ploy to (surprise!) raise money. Human Rights Campaign has already called on Romney to fire VanderSloot.

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