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Outfest Film ‘I Do’ Illuminates Heartbreak of DOMA for Bi-National Couples

Outfest Film ‘I Do’ Illuminates Heartbreak of DOMA for Bi-National Couples

by Karen Ocamb on July 18, 2012

When Jack plans to marry his new boyfriend in New York where same-sex marriage is legal in order to save his Visa, they are surprised to learn that is not an option.  In the eyes of the law, their marriage doesn’t count. That heartbreak is at the center of the film I Do screening tonight at Outfest.

Writer/Actor David W. Ross told Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges of Traipsing Thru Films:

“My inspiration has been and will always be the 40,000 plus binational couples that we know of in America. There’s thousands more that live outside of America because they don’t have the rights to get a green card through marriage. This is effecting not only the couple but people around them and in I DO, I wanted to write a story that would show how DOMA effects everybody. The whole community, the whole family because DOMA is effecting families. It’s ripping families apart.”

Something similar happened in real life to director Glenn Gaylord. His step-sister and her Israel-born wife got married during brief time when it was legal. But they wound up having to move back to Israel where it took them a year and a half to find work. “They had lives here,” Gaylord tells Godges. “Now my family’s been torn apart by this ridiculous law.”

Actor Mike C. Manning says DOMA is just “not fair.”

I DO screens Wednesday, July 18, 8:30pm at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre

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Skip Burns July 20, 2012 at 9:14 AM

I live in Thailand because my Thai partner and I cannot move back to my home in North Carolina. I am an older American and have been struggling to maintain two households for over 8 years now. I pray that America will grow up and let this old veteran and his partner come home and live in peace…

Also, I would really like to see this film. Is there anyway this could be possible?

Keep up the good work!! Skip and Jatuporn


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