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Reminder: Charlton Heston ‘Cold Dead Hands’ Speech at the NRA

Reminder: Charlton Heston ‘Cold Dead Hands’ Speech at the NRA

by Karen Ocamb on July 20, 2012

Actor Charlton Heston holding aloft a rifle during his speech to the NRA. Imagine 24 year old James Holmes, the suspect in the 'Batman' shootings, next to him, holding aloft his AR-15 assault rifle

Just as Grover Norquist has terrorized Republicans into signing his inflexible no-tax pledge and eschewing economic compromise with Democrats, so, too, has the National Rifle Association threatened political candidates with well-funded opposition if they even breathe a word about gun regulation, even though lone gunmen tried to assassinate President Reagan and more recently, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. And not far from the shooting today, two high school seniors went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School, killing 12 students and one teacher in 1991. So as you watch this revered toupee-wearing, mythically-macho actor Charlton Heston deliver this iconic NRA speech, picture 24 year old James Holmes, the suspect in the “Batman” massacre of 21 people today, standing next to Heston, holding aloft his Smith and Wesson AR-15 assault-style rifle and displaying his two Glock handguns and a Remington 870 single-barrel shotgun. This is the evil spawn of Heston and the NRA, bred in the cowardice of lawmakers. Shame on them – and all of us – for letting these preventable killings continue to happen.

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Margo Strik July 21, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Obama supporters need to challenge him to fulfill his 2008 promise of reversing the Bush assault weapons ban rollback. We also need to push him to speak out against assault weapons during this campaign — with specific proposals, the NRA be damned.


walter wiyda January 16, 2013 at 9:51 AM

the nra,3 million strong,has threatened politions with their support,and eventually with their jobs.the nra,thinks they are too big to fail because of the 3 million members. well back in the 20′s,the kkk had a membership of 6 million strong.a much higher % back then compared to today.when the klan thought they were too big to fail because their membership included congressmen,governors,mayors,sheriffs etc.in the 20′s the klan membership almost destroyed indiana government,when the public was shown proof of bribes,lies etc. if the nra wants to survive and continue to support law abiding hunters and gun owners,the higher-ups in the nra,need to get off their high horse.no group too big to fail.


Sandy January 23, 2013 at 8:44 AM

When will everyoen learn it is not the law abiding gun owners that go on these attacks. These are mentally disturbed people that their families or psychiatrists knew that they were a threat and not stable – but where are the changes to the mental health laws? Where are the cries to stop the violent video games (oh right the parents give the games to the kids to entertain them so they don’t have to disrupt their day to spend time with ther kids). Where are the calls to stop the violence on TV shows – again the parents have the power to threaten the stations and advertizers but they don’t – because it is easier to sit the kid in front of the TV to keep them quiet. REALLY? I live in CT and it is tragic what happened in Newtown, but not one law Obama has offered woiuld have stopped it. What ever happened to personal accountability? What ewver happened to discussions and debates. I elected my officials to do the will of the people, not to force their will on me. If i own a legal gun i went through a background check. Where is all the discussion to get the illegal guns off the streets – which account for over 95% of the murders with guns (it’s not the law abiding citizens doing this!). Let’s wake up America and take care of the real problem.


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